All about Tuberculosis

Tuberculosis is a fatal disease caused by Mycobacterium tuberculosis bacteria. According to WHO reports in 2018, 10 million people all over the world were found suffering from TB and 1.5 million people died from the disease. These statistics indicate the severity of the disease all across the world.

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that can affect the lungs of an individual to a great extent. Therefore, to get a clean chit in the Canadian immigration medical exam, it is required that proper measures are taken by individuals to avoid contact with tuberculosis causing bacteria.

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There are two types of TB prevalent to date. The first one is TB infection or latent TB. A person with latent TB does not show any kind of symptoms of the disease and does not possess the threat of spreading it to other individuals. Whereas, the second type or the more fatal kind of TB is the active TB. In this, people show symptoms of the disease due to a weakened immune system and also act as carriers of the bacterium responsible for causing it.

It is quite evident that some people are more prone to the disease as compared to others. This is because of certain risk factors associated with them. The most common cases of TB are found in people with weakened immune systems. Apart from that, people who are active or passive smokers are also more likely to develop the disease. However, with the invention of BCG vaccination, it is possible to avoid the chances of acquiring tuberculosis.

There are several symptoms of TB that might make clearance of your Canadian immigration medical exam difficult if they surface at the wrong time and wrong place. Tuberculosis adversely affects the lungs of an individual, therefore its early symptoms include things like a prolonged cough that produces phlegm, fatigue, fever, loss of appetite and weight. Apart from that, people might also experience swollen glands, abdominal and joint pain as part of the disease. Further tests such as TB skin tests and TB blood tests are performed to ensure the presence of TB bacteria within a person’s body.

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After identifying the symptoms, it is time to move onto the treatment of this fatal disease. The entire treatment procedure can take several months depending on factors such as the age and overall health of the patient, the location of the infection, and lastly finding out if the infection is drug-resistant or not. Appropriate antibiotics are also referred to the patients based on the above-mentioned factors. After an individual has completed the entire course of treatment, he becomes eligible to appear for the Canadian immigration medical exam.

In spite of several medicines available in the market for the treatment of the disease, prevention is still considered better than cure among doctors across the world. Therefore, certain preventive measures such as getting early treatment, having proper BCG vaccination, and covering your nose and mouth in public places can be adopted to reduce the risk of developing tuberculosis.

Hence, it can be concluded that tuberculosis is a curable disease if it is provided with early diagnosis and proper treatment. So, if you also want to ace in the Canadian immigration medical exam, it is advised that you adopt all the preventive measures to ensure the overall well-being of your body.