A Comprehensive Guide on Immigration to Canada While Having HIV

One may feel inherently pointless in life while surviving with HIV. Apart from hundreds of other problems, immigration to Canada also becomes tougher for such individuals. This incurable pathological condition can act as a deterring factor even if the applicants fit into other categories aptly.

Many take the aid of CIC doctors to pass through the filter tests. For the uninitiated, these doctors specially look after the medical conditions of the applicants who apply for Citizenship and Immigration Canada. However, apart from their assistance, one must educate about the other rules and regulations that are entitled for an HIV positive.

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Based on the type of applications, the Government gives their final approval:

In Case of Permanent Residency
It is not to deny that the majority of the candidates with HIV positive apply in order to secure a permanent place in the country. In general, people who fall under the category of experienced workers, businessmen, sponsored applicant, dependent children etc., get qualified for permanent residency. However, individuals with this particular disease may get rejected.

According to the rule, people above 15 years of age need to undergo several medical tests including an HIV under the supervision of CIC doctors. Complying with the Canadian law, based on the medical vulnerabilities, the applicants get rejected.

The primary reasons behind this rejection are:

● HIV is considered to be dangerous for public health and safety
● The person may lead to excessive demand of healthcare or social services

These may impart additional pressure on the Government to maintain a proper balance amongst all the residents.

In a more stable way, the Government is not always available to serve the outsiders by spending more as they are already putting a lot of money on permanent residents having HIV. This point seems to be quite valid and logical considering the socio-economic front of a nation.

Breaking up:
People who are seeking permanent residence must understand it sometimes become unbearable for a country to bear the costs and services for every HIV patient. Canada, known for its efficiency and class-leading quality never prefers to provide substandard services to the residents.

Thus, the Government has included the aspect of excessive demand. Generally, any demand can become excessive in the following circumstances:
● When the expense surpasses the average potential cost of a Canadian resident
● Incessant demand in the health sector leading to the increase in rate of mortality

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However, as the saying goes, exceptions always prove the rule. This imposition of excessive demand is not applicable in the below-given circumstances:
a. HIV patient application seeking to be a refugee
b. HIV patient application who is sponsored

In such conditions, this disease won’t act as a stumbling block to get into Canada. The CIC doctors will take care of every aspect to give the applicants a green signal.

Ray of Hope
There is also another incredible way to get the permanent residence in Canada. By sticking to the Temporary Public Policy can also help the applicants to have a permanent solution. The interesting fact is that since 1991, CIC doctors don’t consider HIV to be dangerous for general public. So, it is recommended to take the advice and help of the doctors to get through the process.